Replace Car Battery Done in Simple Procedure

Replace car battery

To replace car battery is one of the easiest DIY tasks. It requires little or no technological skill. First of all, you need to know the cost of replacing the battery and have the replacement standing by. There are useful tips that you can use to know the right battery you need for your car. Mostly using the spec on the car manual and much more.

Replace car battery

Tools You Need To Replace Car Battery

There are very few tools you need to get this done in a maximum of just 15 minutes and less than 5 for an expert.

  • Size 10 Spanner or Screwdriver (depending on the make if your car).
  • Rag
  • Oil (optional)


Ensure that you take off and turn off the car ignition.

Loosen the crossbar over the battery. Depending on your car spec there might be other vision that hold the battery in place.

You want to start by removing the battery cover if there is any cover.  To Replace car battery you need to locate the two battery terminal tighten to the battery corresponding terminal with a clamp. There is a positive terminal with a + sign on it and a negative terminal with a – sign on it.

  • If the battery is moist you might want to dry it up with the rag before proceeding. To avoid slips.
  • Locate the terminals. Crack off the acid reaction (A whitish substance) if there is any. In order to reveal there screw or screw and nut.
  • To Replace car battery from some manufacturers you might need a Screwdriver. But a screw and nut are the most common.
  • Proceed to loosen the nut using the battery. When you want to replace car battery, it is ideal that you start with the negative terminal.
  • Loosen off the nut and set it aside away from the battery cap (insulate it from the body of the car).
  • Proceed and do the same for the positive terminal.
  • At this point, you can take out the battery.

Procedure To Replace Car Battery.

Again Start by placing the car battery in the exact spot where you took the dead or bad battery from.

In the same direction, if the batteries are exactly the same.

However to be more thorough.

  • Look out for the negative and positive terminals on the battery cap.
  • Place the positive battery cap close to the positive terminal and do the same for the negative terminal.
  • Fix and tighten the negative and positive respective terminals to the battery caps.
  • Replace the battery cover

Finally, replace the battery restriction bar and start the car ignition.

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