Ultimate Uber Requirement For Drivers and Car in 2020

uber requirement

Uber requirement for car and drivers are laid down benchmarks that must be met for a driver/car to be accepted into the uber. However much of the success can be attributed to the requirements, rules, and guidelines. Uber exists in every continent of the globe and a ton of countries.

uber requirement

A complete view of the uber dominance includes

  • 40 million regular riders monthly
  • 5 million riders per day
  • 160,000 drivers in the US
  • 300 cities in the US
  • Over a million drivers worldwide

Why Has Uber Begin So Successful

The rideshare company does not come without competition from other companies. Most dominantly Lyft but uber has stayed afloat and ahead here are some reasons.

  • Innovation

Uber is a pioneer in the business of mobile hailing cab services. For a company that began in 2008, it has grown to own a 67% market share of the ride-sharing industry a stats from 2019 while controlling 24% market share of food delivery service. It is these innovations that make uber-successful in most fronts. Uber ventured outside the united states where it has unequal competition and greater market shares. The introduction of the uber beacon is yet an example of how uber’s innovations are geared towards answering the questions of riders and drivers.

  • More coverage

Uber saw a model that could shift beyond the shores of the US and into other continents. The daring coverage approach by the company as far as in Africa has leveled other taxi arrangements in those states. For example, the city of Lagos in Africa’s most populated nation Nigeria has over 9,000 drivers and no fewer than 267,000 monthly riders.

  • Uber Requirement

Uber offers tailored requirements from city to city. Thus accommodating various categories of riders from developed to underdeveloped societies. It is this inclusive nature of uber that has made uber have drivers in their number in every society they enter.

  • Safety Conscious

Safety issues have been one of the major obstructions to rideshare. Uber requirements, policies, and technology have been used to tackle every possible endangerment of drivers and rider. The car tracking technology, uber driver rating, uber beacon are some of the safety nets uber uses to ensure that drivers and riders are kept in check.

  • Easy To use mobile app

The uber mobile app is direct and easy to use with a clear field to enter the destination while the app can track your pick up location on its own. You can also register the likely locations that you visit such as home and work addresses. The app also tracks the driver’s movement in real-time on an interactive map.

Uber Requirement For Drivers

Uber generally scrutinize their driver to ensure that can at least place the life of riders in their hands. As such, there is no way around the following requirement because of how important they are.

  • Drivers must be age 21 years or older.
  • At least one year of driving experience and three years for U23.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Auto insurance from a recognized company.
  • Proof of insurance
  • Car registration.
  • Meet all local laws and driving regulations.
  • Free of all criminal background checks.

In summary, if you are at least 21 years with one year of driving experience (for under 23 three years of driving experience with a  valid driver’s license, insurance, meet your local laws and have a clean criminal record then you meet the uber requirement for drivers.

Finally insurance for working commercially while you are working as an Uber driver. All these in place, then you are good to go as an uber driver.

Uber requirement For Car

Uber requirement for cars must fall into one of the following categories.

  • UberX
  • UberXL
  • UberSELECT
  • UberBLACK
  • UberSUV

Before deciding to become an uber driver, it is necessary to see where your car falls into or it will ultimately guide you on getting a car. Although the uber requirement for car might still have slight consideration from city to city.

Uber X Requirements

This is on the low end of uber cars. Your car needs to meet the following requirements.

  • 2002 or newer model
  • A four-door sedan
  • Four passenger seats.

UberXL Requirements

Uber XL is an uber car category that should have the following car requirement

Uber SELECT Requirements

It is also called Uber plus. It is a relatively more expensive and higher-priced uber ride. Below are some of the specifications.

  • 2009 or newer models
  • Luxury car
  • Leather interior
  • At least seat for 4 passengers.

Uber BLACK Requirements

The uberBLACK is a luxury uber service with the following uber requirement for car in this category

  • 2012 or newer
  • Black interior and exterior.

Uber SUV Requirements

The UberSUV category is an alternative to the UberSUV with the following requirements your

  • 2012 or newer luxury SUV
  • Black interior and exterior
  • 6 passengers seats

Uber LUX Requirements

UberLUX is the ultimate rideshare category with the following uber car requirements

  • 2012 or newer
  • Top of the shelf cars, for example, a Tesla Model S can qualify.

Uber Driver Earnings

How do uber drivers earn is one of the first questions drivers ask before signing up on uber. Stats show that over the third percentile of drivers in developing countries rely on Uber as a major source of income.  This is was the reason why uber introduced maximum drive hours for safety reasons. So how much you will earn as an uber driver depends on the following


Again it is all dependent on how available you are as the full-time driver would make way more than a part-time driver.


There is a greater demand for drivers and a higher fare in some cities than others. Averagely, drivers in the US earn between $10–$25 an hour. While drivers in cities like New York or San Francisco usually earn higher than those in cities like Nashville where people own their own cars.

Uber Service Provided

The uber service is another major factor that can determine you’re earning as many users will likely go for less expensive uber service. High-end uber cars have fewer patronage that the low-end cars.

In summary, working as a rideshare drive is profitable but much is dependent on your availability and the above factors. Apply now.

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