About Gradedcars

Gradedcars.com was established in 2019 out of a pure passion for cars and all that revolves around it. We are a season car lover with years of experience in the automobile industry. The founders have a solid background in electrical electronics engineering and Mechanical Engineering Aside from that we have succeeded in forging partnerships with automobile companies and dealers within Africa and beyond. We looking to expand our reach to more partner, Content creators and relevant experts in the industry

What We Do

Gradedcars is strictly all about cars and all that revolves around. We will breakdown what we do in the following subheads.

Car Reviews

We let in our readers/ customers on what to expect from cars through well-created contents that include highlights in words and media. Videos are an important way of how we push what needs to be known to our readers. We give professional and uninfluenced opinions about cars we review. These opinions are gotten from the expert and partners that we have forged in the automobile industry.

Car News/Info

Our car news and info category are where we give current happening and prediction in the auto industry. We give information that you will normally surf the internet trying to unearth. We republish press releases in written and videos.

Test Drives

We also car out test drives on modern and old cars for our readers to either make a purchase or know details about the cars. We give a full assessment of the brand new cars and situation report of used cars up for sale.


Do It yourself for cars is one of our cornerstone categories where we shed lights on how to do car repairs, parts replacements, and hacks that you will normally pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for. With simple descriptive words, and videos we can guide anyone to accomplish the task themselves.

Affiliate Marketing

Gradedcars link car dealers to customers via trusted affiliate companies. Our expert content and videos might gear customers into making an uninfluenced purchase of cars through our inputted affiliate links.

Altogether, we are a company looking to add value by creating useful content for our readers and again because of pure passion for automobiles. The blogosphere aims to be the go-to place for automobile content, updates, and reviews from automotive makers/market